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Desperation: Police Chief Turns to Town Citizens for Ammunition Amid Nationwide Shortages

Charleston Voice

Mac Slavo
May 10th, 2013

The Department of Homeland Security may be in possession of nearly two billion rounds of ammunition, but despite claiming it’s being stockpiled for the safety of Americans, they’re not sharing.

The shortages of popular ammunition rounds has made it difficult for average citizens to acquire most calibers of ammunition through regular retail channels, but the empty shelves don’t stop there.

Police departments across the country are scarmbling to find ammunition for training and enforcement, and they’re being told that the delays for delivery are 6 – 8 months.
This prompted Proctor, Minnesota police chief Walt Wobig to send out a call for help:

The Chief says he was told he’d have to wait months, even a year to get more ammo.

“I was really surprised, let’s just put it that way,” said Chief Walt Wobig of the difficulty getting ammunition.

Woberg says that when…

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Lincoln’s Leftist Associates–Part 3


by Al Benson Jr.

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln won the Republican Party nomination for president, with lots of help from Horace Greeley, and also lots of help from socialist Carl Schurz, who worked at rallying the German-American Forty-eighters and ordinary German voters as well.  Your ordinary German voter had no idea what was being pulled on him via Schurz and the rest of the Forty-eighter immigrants in this country. They were all being recruited to combat the “slaveholding capitalists” in the South while ignoring Northern railroad and banking capitalists.  As I stated earlier, it was really the Southern capitalists they were after. The Northern variety got an automatic pass–and most folks never noticed, just like they’ve been conditioned via the media today to not notice the almost total lack of any substantive information about the individual sitting in the White (Red) House.

In the very early days of the Republican…

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Centralism Trumps “Checks and Balances”

Truth liberates


by Al Benson

Well, we’ve just had an election and it looks to most people like the good guys won for a change. However, voters need to be discerning enough to realize that not all those who appear to be good guys (Republicans) really are. Some of them are no better than the Democratic socialists, the only difference being the party label. Remember that the first two Republican candidates for president in this country, John C. Fremont and Abraham Lincoln, were both socialists in their worldviews even if they may not have officially belonged to any socialist ” Party.” You can check out the backgrounds of both of these individuals in the book Lincoln’s Marxists.

Now that we have a Republican majority in both houses Comrade Obama has stated that he will just take “executive action” in regard to making illegal immigrants part of the national culture. Will the checks…

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Was Liberty the Real End? Not Hardly!


by Al Benson Jr.

Gary M. Galles has been a professor of economics at Pepperdine University. Awhile back he wrote an article for which was entitled The Anti-Federalists Were Right. Galles noted in his article that: “Anti-Federalists opposed the Constitution on the grounds that its checks on federal power would be undermined by expansive interpretations of promoting the ‘general welfare’ (which could be claimed with every law) and the ‘all laws necessary and proper’ clause (which could be used to override limits on delegated federal powers), creating a federal government with unwarranted and undefeated powers that were bound to be abused.” In the light of subsequent history it’s hard to argue with that analysis. Can anyone say “Obamacare”?

Gary North, in an article on wrote quite plainly that: “The Constitution was deliberately designed to centralize power vastly beyond what the legitimate constitution–the Articles of Confederation–allowed. The Federal government…

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Selective “Racism”


By Al Benson Jr.

How many of us have, literally for years, heard the tired old litany that “The Confederate flag is racist and secession was treason”? I have seen this faulty premise promulgated by so-called journalists who either should know better or who hope their reading audiences dwell in abysmal ignorance so they can spread this prejudiced baloney and get away with it.

One of the hackneyed old saws they trot out is “Well the Ku Klux Klan uses the Confederate flag so it must be racist.” Well, the Klan may use the Confederate flag now but they didn’t always use it. For a long time they used the United States flag in their parades and demonstrations. You can go on the Internet and find pictures of Klan parades where there are scores of U.S. flags in evidence and nary a Confederate flag anywhere in sight. Does this make…

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Mainstream Media & ESPN Eulogize Death of Communist Party Leader & Terrorist Nelson Mandela

The dis-information machine marching on.

Charleston Voice

New Evidence Shows Mandela Was Senior Communist Party Member

Written by Alex Newman

Thursday, 13 December 2012 17:00

Despite decades of Nelson Mandela denying that he was an official member of the South African Communist Party (SACP) during his Soviet-backed war on the Apartheid government, evidence uncovered recently by British historian Stephen Ellis shows otherwise. The new research confirmed that not only was the African National Congress (ANC) leader a member of the SACP, he may have actually been a senior official working with the party’s Central Committee.

Still, for 50 years, while admitting that he was influenced by Marx and other communist luminaries, Mandela has denied — in public, at least — that he was an actual member of the Communist Party. But now, documents discovered at the University of Cape Town by Stephen Ellis, a professor based at the Free University of Amsterdam, completely contradict Mandela’s bogus claims.

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